Ever wonder what's inside a falafel?
Here you go!
---- Falafull Ingredidents (before pic for fun page) (large)

Now you know!

---- Falafull (after pic for fun page) (large)

Meet the Chefugee
Basil Alafandi began cooking alongside his mama at the ripe old age of 3. After years of feeding folks back home, he came to the USA and was shocked to find he couldn't find decent falafel in all the Land of the Free. Faced with an empty belly and a vegetarian wife, Basil decided to create Falafull-vegan eats for those with taste. All recipes are his own, based on what his mama taught him, and he is dedicated to helping introduce the chickenless mcnugget and all its healthy, tasty sidekicks to the American table.

Thank you for visiting us.  We look forward to delighting your tastebuds soon!
---- Chef (large)

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